Three Innovative Digital Tools

November 9, 2016

In latest period a considerable effort has been made towards the incorporation of Information and Communication Technology into the educational process. A huge amount of internet resources has been developed to help teachers enrich their classes and make the students`s experience more vivid, amazing and memorable. Apart from many quizzes, crossword puzzles and video tutorials here are many general wide-range tools which can be used within the interaction of a teacher and a student throughout the process of education.

Google Documents are a part of the system of online collaboration tools provided by Google Inc. Their main purpose is the possibility of real-time sharing of documents what enables participants to work on the same material at the same time. The incorporation of other Google tools is a big support for students while working on a shared document – Google Translate, Google Scholar etc. As the Google services hav become extremely popular and one can hardly find a person without access to them, they are generally usable in wider range of tasks and students can easily learn how to manage the whole virtual working space provided by Google.

Practical Experience
The whole range of Google services is accessible using one`s Gmail address. Teacher creates a document dedicated to a required skill practice, gathers students` Gmail addresses and shares the document with the addresses. Thus the students can find the shared document inside their Google Drives. As soon as a student logs in on a tablet or a laptop he is given a uniquely colored cursor so that the others can trace everybody else`s work within the document. While presenting the document teacher should be posed to the role of a moderator. As each student has got his specific approach towards exercising language skills, during such a class students can mutually learn not only the required topic but they can also inspire themselves by a mutual collaboration.

Google Documents Tutorial: Click Here!

Using Google Slides may enrich the lecturing process and contribute to a higher level of motivation and attraction of students` attention. The combination of various types of multimedia content enables to provide more profound information and to illustrate the lecture matter on a considerably higher level of motivational links.

Practical Experience
Students do not need any device to follow the presentation. Teacher uses a laptop/a tablet and projector or TV screen to present the material. Combining Google Presentation with the service of video talk of Google Hangouts the presentation can be delivered even to those students who are not present if they have a device and a Gmail address through which the presentation is shared and the talk made. Students follow the presentation slide-by-slide during a class and afterwards the presentation is shared with them through their Gmail address to their Google Drive in a ‘view-only’ mode. This way their complete virtual notebooks can be filled with all required materials.

Google Slides Tutorial: Click Here!

English Live is an online English learning program that helps its users quickly and easily learn the English language. This ESL application can be used 24/7 from any Internet connection. This program offers private classes, group conversations and lessons that are not only designed to improve listening skills, but also reading, writing and speaking skills.

Practical Experience
This online tool is used within disproportionally structured learning groups of students. It provides a huge variety of study programs, from elementary levels up to advanced ones. It is highly recommended for weak beginners to lean into the language more intensively within extra online classes or even home classes. It is accessible via any Internet connection. Students can even get in touch with real teachers through webcams. English Live suitably complements real classes and helps students with insufficient language skills as it provides a variety of learning materials and online classes.

English Live Website: Click Here!


  1. It is always great to learn about new technologies that enable learners to take the language outside the classroom, even better when dealing with real life communication situations. I wonder if Google Slides can maybe allow ill learners to take part in lessons from home – how close to the world of virtual reality in which you will learn and study (hopefully) without leaving your home are we getting! Thank you for these valuable ideas, I will check them out.

  2. I think English live and Google Slides can be useful interactive ways to learn English. The former has so many teaching options that aren’t available on many similar projects. It could be used especially for students who need to consolidate their language skills as they can get personalized help and it offers a lot of videos and exercises.The latter seems easy to use and has innovative features that allow the audience to interact with the speaker. I like the idea that several students can work on the same project simultaneously because it solves the problem of havving students collaborate outside the school. Students like using technology and I think they would enjoy the freedom of working together without having to be in the same space at the same time.

  3. Google Document is a very easy way to create questionaires, presentations, forums. Teachers can use it in a narrow area like among their collegues or they can use it in whole internet. It can be used at the same time which increases the collaboration among the students

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