Learner Autonomy

Teacher Education is an important and integrated part of the Creative Lion project. This section is dedicated to learner autonomy. Here we will share our experiences of learner autonomy throughout the project and publish different kinds of material about it, for example articles, videos and downloadable PDFs. We will present what learner autonomy is all about and how it can be applied successfully in the classroom.

Flipped Classes

This video shows different moments during lessons taught by pairs of pupils to the rest of the class. The objective of the exercise was to experiment a flipped classroom approach in learning literary English. Each pair of students had to widen knowledge of a specific literary period, the Victorian Age, already introduced by the teacher through videos from the Web.

Dyslexia - Raising Awareness

Powerpoint presentation by Janet Wightman, an expert in teaching Special Educational Need pupils, on what dyslexia ‘feels’ like and what makes learning difficult to dyslexics. The author suggests interesting strategies to develop successful activities which can motivate dyslexic pupils and boost their self-confidence, necessary step to further learning.

Publisher: ”O. Licini” Art School, Italy, Ascoli Piceno

Grammar-Jim-Italy: Teaching Tips

Powerpoint presentation by Jim Scrivener, a freelance writer, on classroom management. The author introduces some easy-to-learn techniques to get away from ritualized coursebook use, to help engineer a deep engagement with grammar, vocabulary, texts and exercises and to make learning more visible, and to challenge students to achieve more than they thought possible.

Publisher: ”O. Licini” Art School, Italy, Ascoli Piceno

Games in The Classroom

Presentation by Francesco Cotichella, an Italian Foreign Languages teacher, on the rationale behind why games should be used in the English classroom. The author also introduces a collection of popular games and gives some tips on how to use them effectively.

Publisher: ”O. Licini” Art School, Italy, Ascoli Piceno

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British Council: Learner Autonomy