Teacher Education is an important and integrated part of the Creative Lion project. This section is dedicated to Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Here we will share our experiences of ICT throughout the project and publish different kinds of material about it, for example articles, video presentations and tutorials. We will present different digital classroom tools and how they can be applied successfully in the classroom.

ICT Prezi Presentation

Erik Axelsson, one of the founding members of the Creative Lion project, provided an ICT presentation for the teachers during our meeting in Ascoli Piceno in November 2015. He presented different kinds of digital tools and how they can add something to the modern classroom. Among the tools he presented were Padlet, Kahoot, Videoscribe, Mentimeter, WordPress and Newsela. If you click on the Prezi you can explore it for yourself!

Publisher: Fria Läroverken in Karlstad, Sweden

Don't Believe the Hype

Powerpoint presentation by Thomas Strasser, Professor of language methodology and technology-enhanced learning and teaching at the University of Teacher Education in Vienna, to introduce an overview of the most popular myths and misconceptions in the field of Internet-based language teaching and learning. The author also suggests some digital tools that can be easily, intuitively and immediately used in the EFL-classroom.

Publisher: ”O. Licini” Art School, Italy, Ascoli Piceno

Prezi Presentation

Get Started in Prezi

How to Create a Great Prezi

Socrative Presentation

Mentimeter Presentation

Videoscribe Presentation

Padlet Tutorial

Padlet is a great online tool to collaborate and to share and develop ideas. This introductory video shows how to create a Padlet wall.

Ted Talk: How Schools Kill Creativity

This whiteboard video animation of Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation “How Schools Kill Creativity” is the most viewed Ted Talk ever, with over 31 million views.