Italian Message

This beautiful video was made by our Italian partner school “O. Licini” Art School after our meeting in Ascoli Piceno in November 2015.

Project Journal

Welcome to the Project Journal of the Creative Lion project! The purpose of this section, which will be updated frequently, is to provide an accessible and transparent documentation of our Erasmus+ project. This documentation includes schedules, minutes from our teacher meetings, project diaries, student and teacher evaluations, reviews from different media agencies and much more. We have built this section to facilitate for our national agencies to monitor the progress of our project. We also hope that it will help anyone who wants to learn more about what it means to be involved in an Erasmus+ project.

Project Evaluations

Throughout the Creative Lion project, we have asked several media agencies from different countries to evaluate our project. In this section we publish these evaluations.

Evaluation 1: Swedish Media Agency Evaluation 2: Turkish Newspaper Evaluation 3: Italian Media Agency Evaluation 4: Italian Media Agency 2 Evaluation 5: Turkish Media Agency Evaluation 6: Swedish Media Agency Ver. 2.0 Evaluation 7: Slovakian Media Agency

Creative Lion in the Media

Dissemination is an important part of the Creative Lion project and we have been covered in media all over Europe. Here we publish links to our media coverage in Europe:

Italian Newspaper (Ascoli Piceno) Slovak National TV (from 22:46)

Official Video: Meeting in Kosice 2016

This is a video from our Creative Lion meeting in Kosice, Slovakia, in May 2016. The video is made by our Slovakian partner school Private Secondary Artistic Film School in Košice.

Student Interviews: Ascoli Piceno 2015

Interviews with students who take part in the Creative Lion Project. These students were interviewed during our Creative Lion meeting in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, in November 2015.

Video Diaries

Antalya, Turkey, April 2015

Karlstad, Sweden, Nov 2014

Teacher and Student Meeting in Antalya, Turkey, April 2015

Teacher Meeting in Sweden, Karlstad, November 2014


Logo Contest

During the first year of the Creative Lion project we organised a logo contest. All the students at each school were allowed to take part in the contest. Petter Sönnfors, who works at the film production company “Make My Day” in Karlstad, Sweden, was the one-man jury. Here we present the three winning logos.

Logo 1


This is a creative logotype with metaphorical resonance. The lion’s paw is a symbolic representation of the lion, but also an embodiment of unity, since all countries are represented in the paw. A clever combination of content and form makes this a winning concept!



This is a playful logotype with a lot of character (no pun intended). The simple yet effective lion symbolism is carefully integrated with the asymmetrical letters. Great design that captures the passion of the Creative Lion project!

Logo 3


This is a minimalistic logotype with sophisticated design of the lion’s head. Trigonometric shapes in progressive motion. Indeed, this logotype conveys the message “less is more”!