It Taught Me a Lot

June 28, 2016

In the frame of the Creative Lion Project, I have been to Kosice- Slovakia with my friends and teachers for a week. I think I have improved myself in this short time. I had an opportunity to improve my knowledge about my department. I am graduating at the end of this year and I am very happy for participating in this project before graduating. I am very impressed by Kosice- Slovakia. Kosice has left a lot of positive impressions on me.

I must mention that Kosice- Slovakia was much better than my expectations. Moreover, I saw that the host school was very equipped with media. The host teachers dealt with us constantly and they contributed our learning new data on media. I think that we are quite happy for  the practise we had for a week. Green Screen Activity is one of my unforgettable memories.

Beside working, thanks to the host teachers and students we had the chance of seeing the beauties of Kosice and Slovakia. By means of preliminary search about Kosice-Slovakia before the meeting, I was much excited while visiting the beautiful places. One of the most impressive places was St. Elizabeth Cathedral. It was very pleasant to see and hear the story of it which was located in the centre of the city. We took photos and shot video of all places. The zoo visit was very enjoyable for me. As I learnt that there would be  a photo contest about the zoo, I took the photos more carefully. The result of the contest was shocking because my photo was chosen as the best photo. I was surprised because I didn’t expect to be the winner. Nevertheless, I was very happy for being the winner.

The Kosice meeting has left magnificent memories on me. The Creative Lion Project will stay in a special place in my life.

Finally, I would like to thank SSUS Filmova School’s teachers and students and all partner groups contributing this Project.

Text: Gizem GÜNEY
Photo: Şeyma Sert

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