ICT Tools Evaluation

November 6, 2016

Electronic Peer Assisted Learning (E-Pals) is an online educational community where learners all around the World connect and collaborate on projects that often focus on issues of global awareness and culture. Using web Technologies, students learn digital skills which are essential in today’s academic and business World. In the process, many students and teachers alike build around-the World friendships that last a lifetime. E-PALs is a project in which learning support is embedded in a module, accessible to all students, and facilitated electronically by trained e-PAL facilitators working closely with lecturers and Professional support staff acting as e-PAL coordinators. No online learning platform puts “global” in global education more effectively than e-Pals, an absolutely brilliant website that connectsmillions of educators in over 200 countries and territories. If you don’t use e-Pals, either you belong to a shrinking minority of educators unaware of its existence, or you aren’t serious about preparing students to excel in an increasingly flat world. Unlike so many places of learning, e-Pals doesn’t pay lip service about technology, global citizenship and preparing students to excel in the 21st century. These folks are the real deal, and they walk the walk better than any body else. The potential e-Pals provides is limited only by the teacher’s imagination. Making this all the more true, e-Pals eventually allow users to directly embed video, podcasts and other multimedia directly on to the site.

I am very satisfied to see that, to make successful matches, e-Pals has an entire staff dedicated to helping create effective profiles and Project descriptions. Renowned educators also create content and lesson plans for teachers to utilize as they deem fit. The website also provides a vast array of e-Pals generated forums, activities, discussions and games.

In my opinion, it is a very suitable educational platform for the teachers and students to learn and practise foreign languages. The only need is just intrinsic motivation of the people.

Source: http://www.spinedu.com/epals-is-global-ed/#.WA0KW-WLTct

Edublog is a blog site created for totally eduction world. It is most commonly used social network platform which is very safe and easy to use. The property of Edublog that awakens my interest that it provides teachers to share their works, to prepare and save a portfolio and to create a project based learning environment. It is created for educational purposes. Edublogs archive and support student and teacher learning by facilitating reflection, questioning by self and others, collaboration and by providing contexts for engaging in higher-order thinking. Edublogs prolife rated when blogging architecture became more simplified and teachers perceived the instructional potential of blogs as an online resource.Theuse of blogs has become popular in education institutions including public schools and colleges. Blogs can be useful tools for sharing information and tips among co-workers, providing information for students, or keeping in contact with parents. Common examples include blogs written by or for teachers, blogs maintained for the purpose of classroom instruction, or blogs written about educational policy. Educators who blog are sometimes called edubloggers.

Source: http://www.spinedu.com/epals-is-global-ed/#.WA0KW-WLTct

Information Communication Technologies effects all parts of our lives. Education is one of them. Students are integrated with techonology in the classroom too. As teachers we know that Facebook and twitter are the websites that people spend much time dealing with. I want my students to use them to practise their English but it is not so. Nevertheless, these websites are not used for education and the users of them are under the danger of siber attack. However, Edmodo is website which is used for education. It provides the students a safe education environment where they are under the observation of the teachers. It is like the facebook’s interface and it is accepted as not only content managment system but also a Professional learning environment. In Edmodo,teachers form groups for their classes, they write notes to the students, they give homework, they prepare quizes, they warn students, they keep subject material in the library, they arrange class agenda, they integrate the multimedia applications to their classes. Besides this, teachers from different parts of the world gather under 12 subject communities in Edmodo and they share information and ideas. It is very easy to use. It provides a safe environment. It strenghten the realtionship between teacher- student, student- student and teacher- teacher. I think, in education blogs are very important (if they are used regularly) not only for students but also for teachers. Therefore, Edblog is a very useful to improve oneself.

Source: http://inet-tr.org.tr/inetconf18/bildiri/28.pdf

Text: Hüseyin TAVŞAN
Image: Unsplash.com (CC0 Public Domain)


  1. Thank you very much for these brilliant tips, I will check E-Pals as soon as possible. I think I am very easily going to incorporate it into my teaching as it supports exactly the values I want to promote.

  2. I checked E-Pals and I think it is a great way for student and teachers around the world to work together. It could be useful for students to have greater motivation for completing tasks. If students know they are working with peers on the other side of the world the could consider completing works more appealing. I think the methods for linking groups is great and there are many resources that you can access and use in your regular classroom independently of any projects or collaborations you have ongoing. I’m lookking forward to using it with my students.

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