Meeting in Karlstad 2017 (by Davide Valenti)

Bishop's Italian Garden (FAI Project)

Progetto 'Creative Lion'

Ascoli Piceno's Travertine Treasures

Our students have realized this video to take part in a nationwide school competition and show characteristic features of our city. The protagonist is the travertine stone, material that has shaped most of the buildings of the old town since ancient times. Through its speaking voice, travertine itself, in a sort of autobiography, tells about its birthplace, a quarry dug up in a hill, its growing-up process through the centuries from Roman up to present times. The pupils have selected and described one building per artistic period, each of them showing special features highlighting the plastic quality of this peculiar stone which gives Ascoli Piceno its present appeal. In addition, they have explained local celebrations and traditions connected to such buildings through animation techniques. Different pupils have given voice to travertine in its evolution through centuries so that they have been involved not only in planning, shooting and editing but also in performing in the final video.

Ascoli & Piceno - The Two Fictitious Characters

This video was made for an Italian contest: the students had to shoot a video where they describe the beauties of the town and the territory in no more than four minutes.

Video Presentations: Destination Kosice

Maria Grazia Rendina

De Angelis Marlis Andrea

Sarah Di Brandimarte


Advertising the Media Department of Art school ‘Licini’.

Creative Lion Meeting in Antalya, Turkey

This video was shot by Italian students during our Creative Lion meeting in Antalya in 2015.

Trailer: ”O. Licini” Art School

Ascoli Piceno: Travertine Stone Details