Teacher meeting in Karlstad, Sweden

Creative Lion Presentation

January 14, 2015

Creative Lion is a media focused Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union. The central objective of the project is to stimulate and raise questions about learning for both students and teachers. The project involves five media schools from five European countries.

The Creative Lion project was first conceived in 2013 when media teachers from Sweden and Italy met in Italy to discuss how to combine media and international exchange. During this meeting, the teachers came up with the idea of creating a multinational website where the students publish different kinds of media productions. The teachers wanted it to be a pedagogical tool and address questions about learning, media and communication. They also wanted to include teacher training in the project.

After the meeting in Italy, several European schools showed interest in Creative Lion. Eventually, there were five schools from five countries involved in the project: Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Sweden and Turkey. All the participating schools shared a vision of a multinational website which would stimulate and inspire both students and teachers.

In August 2014, the Creative Lion project was approved and granted a budget of over 110.000 Euros.

The Website
The span of the project is three years and during these years the students will publish material on the Creative Lion website (www.creative-lion.com). One main section of the site is “Tutorials”, where the students will make instructional videos and teach each other about different kinds of media production, like photography and film editing. Another important section of the site is “Teacher Education”, where the teachers will discuss and share innovative teaching methods and experiences with each other.

Breakfast at Fria Läroverken

Breakfast at Fria Läroverken

Student Travels
In November 2014, the partner schools had their first teachers meeting in Karlstad, Sweden. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the implementation of the project. In April 2015, the first Creative Lion meeting open for students will take place in Antalya, Turkey. Since the project is funded by the European Union, all student expenses are covered (travel, accommodation and food). Until 2017, there will be another four travels open for students.

– We are very happy to offer our media students the opportunity to travel and discover other cultures first-hand, says Erik Axelsson, project coordinator and teacher at the Swedish partner school.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of your teachers involved in the project (or leave a comment below).

Text: Eva Nilsek

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