Creative Lion Meeting in Karlstad

On April 23, 2017, we and our classmate Leila Hamdanová together with our teachers Mgr. Lenka Kotrbáčková and Mgr. Kristýna Kuslova went to Swedish Karlstad for the last meeting of the Creative Lion project. We met there with four participating countries, our host – Sweden, Turkey, Italy and Slovakia. We visited the Fria Läroverken school, where Swedish students welcomed us very warmly.

On the first day, our Swedish hosts prepared a welcome surprise for us, to taste their special sweets and salty snacks, but not everything was edible. Then we played some fun games and tasted Swedish goodies again. We always had breakfast and lunch at school and we could taste what Swedish students regularly eat. After lunch we went to the Bergvik Shopping Center, where we bought souvenirs and presents for friends and parents at home. We also went to the well-known Ikea furniture store where we ate famous Swedish meatballs.

The next day, Tuesday morning, after breakfast, we started working on a tourist brochure project. We were split into groups and each group had at least one member from each country. Our task was to photograph and write a tourist brochure about Karlstad. After lunch, we went to the exhibition of the well-known local painter Lars Lerin. Then we continued to local “youth” centre where the Swedish students again surprised us with photos from the previous meetings of the Creative Lion project. Having seen everything, we had time to photograph the local Karlstad monuments that we needed to be able to complete our brochure.

Wednesday was a trip day. All five countries went on a trip to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We went to the photographic museum “Fotografiska” where we saw several expositions of famous photographers. Before going back to Karlstad, we visited the ABBA Museum, where we sang and danced to the most famous hits of ABBA.

On Thursday, we worked hard to create a tourist brochure. We edited the photos, worked with Photoshop, and we made the final brochure in the graphics programme. Thanks to the division into groups and cooperation with students from foreign countries, we all had to communicate in English. Sometimes it was quite difficult, but in the end we managed.  After lunch we took a break, we got a cake with the logo of our project, and the director of the school Fria Läroverken told us a few words. Then we went to complete our brochure so we could show it to everyone else the next day.

Friday was our last day, and we presented our brochures. We were also awarded with Erasmus + Creative Lion certificates, and we had to say a good-bye to everyone which was quite hard because we made a lot of new friends.

It was a week full of getting to know new cultures, making friends and gaining experience in working with different media, and an incredibly good opportunity to practice English. Although it did not seem like this at the beginning, the week went by so fast that on Saturday, when we were leaving, we did not want to believe it was over and we had to say goodbye to Sweden.

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