ICT Tools Evaluation

Nov 06, 20162 Comments

E-PALS Electronic Peer Assisted Learning (E-Pals) is an online educational community where learners all around the World connect and collaborate on projects that often focus

It Taught Me a Lot

Jun 28, 2016No Comments

In the frame of the Creative Lion Project, I have been to Kosice- Slovakia with my friends and teachers for a week. I think I

A Great Experience

Jun 28, 2016No Comments

Hello, my name is Mehmet Akif EREN. I am 16 years old. I live in Antalya- Turkey. When I learnt that I was chosen for

Mnemonics Practice In The Class

Mar 21, 20161 Comment

As known, Mnemonics is a technique used to enhance the long term memory. In this technique, by the help of some reminders the data is

My Best Experience

Dec 21, 2015No Comments

Italy journey was a beautiful experience for me. It was difficult to communicate with Italians, but thanks to my little English I could tell myself.