Czech Republic

Creative Lion Meeting in Karlstad

Sep 24, 2017No Comments

On April 23, 2017, we and our classmate Leila Hamdanová together with our teachers Mgr. Lenka Kotrbáčková and Mgr. Kristýna Kuslova went to Swedish Karlstad

ICT Tools Review

Oct 26, 20161 Comment

Technology and education are quite interconnected these days and almost every one of us, teachers, has at least one favourite tool that can make our

A Diary: Creative Lion in Kosice

Aug 19, 2016No Comments

After a night train journey, we got to the largest east Slovak town of Kosice, where a 3rd meeting of Creative Lion project was held.

Learning Techniques and Mnemonics

Feb 01, 20161 Comment

Couple weeks ago I had 3 lessons with my college students on learning techniques and finding the best way how to study. We had 2

Ascoli Piceno Forever

Feb 01, 2016No Comments

I have never thought that after a week’s trip in another country, a totally unreal friendship of distinct groups of people would become real. You

Meeting in Antalya

Aug 03, 2015No Comments

Thanks to the project Creative Lion which involves five countries (Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey) we have experienced an interesting week (19-25.4.2015)