Ascoli Piceno Forever

I have never thought that after a week’s trip in another country, a totally unreal friendship of distinct groups of people would become real.

You embark on a trip to a country, in our case specifically to Italy, a small town of Ascoli Piceno, which lies on the Adriatic coast and you begin to wonder. A trip to Italy was truly amazing. Maybe you wonder why Italy and some town Ascoli Piceno, a place somewhere in the middle of Italy. The answer is Creative Lion project. It’s a project in which a few schools from different countries work together, learn together, they get to know something new about each country, practice their skills and make friends with the locals. This time it was in Italy and I must admit that the Italians are the best friends and helpers when something is bothering you. Their attention and joy that surrounds you is something like if you are surrounded by a big thick fog. It’s a feeling like if you can’t move and you are afraid, because you can’t see ahead. But these Italian people will slowly lead you, give you a helping hand and you all of a sudden know where to go even though you are in this dense fog. The project involves schools from Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy.

The first day, 1st November: I and two of my school’s classmates from Michael and a teacher, Lenka Kotrbáčková, met at the airport at around seven o’clock in the morning. The flight was ok, and once we flew to Rome, the capital of Italy, and climbed out of the airport, we were struck with pleasant sunshine and warm air in our faces. It was not hot, but not even cold. The flight was followed by a bus journey; we were slowly getting into the depth of Italy. After four hours we arrived in the town of Ascoli Piceno, where we stayed in a nice hotel on the top of a hill. After a day of travelling we went to have dinner at a pizzeria. I think that there is no need of any other words.

On the second day, all participants of Creative Lion went on a trip to the town of Urbino. This city is famous for the production of china/ceramic products from the island of Mallorca. We spent the other days working in the Italian school with different programmes or we photographed portraits. The afternoon was always busy with exploring the town of Ascoli. We visited the cafés, shops and major museums and monuments.

The last day was spent in the manner of saying goodbye. There was a smaller party, full of Italian specialties and a disco. It was a wonderful evening, actually the whole week and suddenly out of nowhere came goodbyes. A parking lot where everybody said their goodbyes all at once became a sad place where everybody cried. Everyone cried because they were leaving the people who they knew only a few days.

We met with the Italians and I can’t believe that within a few days of meeting I fell in love with these wonderful people. With those girls, not only me, but a lot of others, became friends. I haven’t experienced anything like this before, to meet a lot of great friends who I wouldn’t want to leave. You know, I miss it. I miss that friendship, that innocent friendship that sprung from so little. We didn’t know almost anything about ourselves, just a name and perhaps not even that. We all communicated in English, which wasn’t so perfect. We said a few words and even so we were able to communicate. Despite all this our little bodies, and our instincts just knew that we, all of us who were there, we belong together.

Text: Vonášková Karolína 2. Fi

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