A Great Experience

June 28, 2016

Hello, my name is Mehmet Akif EREN. I am 16 years old. I live in Antalya- Turkey. When I learnt that I was chosen for this Project I was very happy.  Before participating in the Project my mind was full of questions but later I found all the answers via living it.  I had new experiences via Creative Lion Project. I have learnt new techniques about my department; I have seen different devices and equipment related to my department. I improved my vision and knowledge about my section.  By means of Creative Lİon Project, I have been to abroad for the first time.  I met new people from different countries and I’ve established good friendships.  I saw different countries, cities and historical places. Moreover, I have become more aware of  other cultures via this Project.  I had the chance of using and improving my language skills too.

When we were in Kosice- Slovakia everything was great.  The host school teachers and students were very helpful and guided us very well.  The  members of the other partner groups were very friendly and hardworking. It was a very impressive meeting. I would like to thank everybody who takes part in and contributes to this Project.

Text: Mehmet Akif EREN
Photo: Ahmet Doğuhan Aktepe

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