A Diary: Creative Lion in Kosice

After a night train journey, we got to the largest east Slovak town of Kosice, where a 3rd meeting of Creative Lion project was held. There were six students from our school, Michael, accompanied by our teacher, Miss Kotrbackova.

During the first day we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the school and other students with whom we then went to explore the city of Kosice. We had a guide, a well-known local artist, who showed us an important historical part of the city, and then we had the opportunity to visit City Hall and meet with the deputy mayor of the city.

On Tuesday we spent our time doing a project work at school in the morning and in the afternoon we went to a zoo, which is typical for its vast paddocks for the animals. There was a photo contest on during our tour of the zoo and it was a Turkish student who won.

We had the best time on Wednesday when we had an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technology for filming. We all had our hands on a drone, a camera crane, DJI Ronin and other technology, and we also practised in a film studio in the school. We spent whole day working on our joint project, a broadcast about the project Creative Lion.

On Thursday, we attended a day trip to the town of Levoca, where we visited the museum and walked around the historic centre. On the way back to Kosice we stopped for a tour of the Spis castle and we had lunch in Spiska hut where we tried the local cuisine.

On Friday we met at the school to see the result of our week-long effort, recorded broadcast about the project Creative Lion. Then we officially ended our project week with a little celebration. There was a yummy cake in the shape of a film flap and after we said our goodbyes we headed home to Prague.

While in Kosice, we had the opportunity to meet new people and their cultures, which was also supported by the daily evening meetings outside of school. This project was awesome, we acquired a lot of new experiences, tried working with a technology that we do not normally have access to and we gained contacts that will definitely come in handy in our professional lives.

Text: Johana Drahotová

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